Manage Organizational Change

Organizational change is a difficult, but essential, component of a thriving company. Without change, corporations are left behind by their competitors. But as humans, individually, change isn’t always easy to accept. New processes, procedures, and reasons for adopting them can stand between your company and a smooth transition.

Turn even the most change-averse members of your teams into knowledgeable advocates for your new way of doing business. You can use Gamivation to:

• Provide training content on new policies, procedures, and initiatives, and reward points for engagement with that content.

• Reinforce that knowledge by rewarding points for successful trivia performance based on those learnings

• Incorporate other behavior changes into your organization’s point structure to further motivate behavior changes

• Reward managers or corporate team leaders for highest performance in their division

• Tie points to intrinsic or extrinsic rewards to reinforce team member motivation

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