Bringing Your Sales Objectives Into Focus

Optional participation – Was 1 of 20 other competing programs to meet sales objectives


A manufacturer of high end sound equipment needed to meet their increased sales objectives with an Automotive OEM. The best way to accomplish this was to create additional demand by the dealers in the order process.


There were up to 20 other competing programs at retail. To cut through the clutter, we devised a Gamivation program with a “push / pull” strategy. Dealer Sales Managers were incentivized to order more vehicles with a wholesale incentive. The individual sales people in the dealerships were incentivized with a retail sales incentive improving sell through of inventory. Additional virtual sales training was provided to establish baseline knowledge and demonstrate alternative selling strategies.


Over the course of the six month program, wholesale orders increased by 40%. The retail sales incentive increased the sales velocity leading to a reduction in inventory. Knowledge levels of the sales people increased over the length of the program and we discovered that trained sales people actually sold twice as many units during the course of the program.

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