SBD-Gamivation Study featured in Autoblog

Feb 14

SBD-Gamivation Study featured in Autoblog recently featured SBD-Gamivation’s white paper in a blog headlined, “Confused at the car dealership? Chances are, so’s your salesperson.” says dealerships and salespeople are hard-pressed to keep up with the onslaught of infotainment systems, which contain an average of 233 new features each and concludes that car buyers are confused.

how to sell in-car technologyIn their article, noted that study by SBD-Gamivation and Consumer Reports found many testers had trouble using infotainment systems or apps that connect to them. For example, more than 80 percent of Mercedes-Benz DriveStyle app testers answered “yes” when asked if they needed support to perform a basic task, such as entering a destination or finding a radio station.

Jeffrey Hannah, director of North America for SBD, was quoted as saying, “It’s one thing to say you have HD radio or Pandora, but a person should be able to say why it’s different than the three other cars you’re looking at from a competitive perspective.”

The blog goes on to say:

  • Millenials are a growing part of today’s car buyers and they expect intuitive technology
  • Almost half of the customers who reported difficulty told Consumer Reports they became “more proficient over time” in using their infotainment systems
  • The facts suggest  dealers and their sales staffs have a prime opportunity to play a prominent role in educating car buyers
  • The best dealerships are offering evening or weekend classes and dividing those into two groups: the tech-savvy and those who need basic help
  • Likewise, some dealers are posting how-to videos on YouTube, but not without problems. The videos don’t always match up with the precise setups of particular models
  • There’s a lot of money waiting to change hands here. The average customer is willing to spend $1,500 per vehicle on infotainment technology.

Why Gamivation works when it comes to sales training

  • Dealership-proven gamified learning management system
  • Certification testing and quizzing engine to change behaviors and measure retention
  • Big data on sales people with better visibility
  • Increase sales and support new product and service launches
  • Low risk and low-cost deployment options for OEMs to use with their dealers nationally