Increase User Training Engagement


Our client was having difficulty getting their sales people to engage with the content in their Learning Management System. While it had a tremendous amount of content and resources, not even 25% of the sales people used it once per month.


The new approach included several steps. The new website which is mobile first, limited the content to those functions that are critical to sales success. Second, the content was revised to succinct, 2 minute videos. Third, we gamified the experience with answers to questions using a countdown timer (the faster you answer the more points you get) and providing a leaderboard for each region and nationally to compare regions (this ensured the involvement of the manager).


90% of the participants sign on and pass the test within the first two days of each week. Content rotates between selling skills, sales process and product features and benefits. Our client said: “The program has exceeded expectations and has been embraced by the field. This has given the sales managers the ability to provide direction and focus.

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