Improve Sales Performance – Short and Long Term

Providing incentives without training only serves to foster enthusiastic incompetence. Many sales teams rely on their incentives and rewards, and we know that can be a very effective motivator for sales performance. But tying training to those rewards is an even more effective way to close sales in the short and long term.

Create a knowledgeable sales force that knows your product, and the most effective ways to sell it, so you can boost your bottom line by increasing your Salesforce engagement.

You can use Gamivation to:

• Provide training content on products, sales methods, identifying opportunities, and how to most effectively sell to a variety of customer types

• Reward points for engagement through sales content training and reinforce that knowledge by rewarding points for successful trivia performance based on those learnings

• Reward managers or corporate team leaders for highest performance in their division
Provide meaningful incentives that tie training to performance.

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