Improve Sales Knowledge Retention

Eliminate the “Forgetting Curve” even with high employee turnover and a complex product

Client was introducing a new, high-end product. Due to higher price points, it was imperative that the product’s features, benefits, and competitive advantages, along with targeted closing techniques be communicated accurately to the national sales force for use with customers at the local level.

An interactive program was developed to not only increase sales, but to also increase knowledge retention and motivate the sales people to learn the new information and correctly use it with customers. To facilitate the retention of the material and help close more sales, points were awarded for units that were sold. Sales translated into opportunities to play and answer training questions of varying degrees of difficulty. Each question correctly answered was awarded additional bonus points, all of which were redeemable for program rewards.

Over the 12 week long program, performance increased and test scores on training questions improved by 19%. More importantly, sales increased by 9% over the original expectation.

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