Gamivation Game-Changer: Tying Training to Performance

Jun 1

Gamivation Game-Changer: Tying Training to Performance

We had the opportunity to attend the International Society for Performance Improvement‘s International Conference in San Antonio April 26-29. Over 500 attendees focused on maximizing human capital. While training is an important element, the focus of this group is on results and the various paths to achieve it. After having attended several sessions, it was great to learn that Gamivation is unique and operating well ahead of the traditional training performance measurement curve. Everyone does a great job at initial learning interventions (core training, LMS, webinars etc.) Obviously, there needs to be alignment of this core learning with the performance objectives. Unfortunately that’s where most companies stop.  Two critical, additional steps are missing:

1.  Focus on remembering through subscription learning by providing retrieval practice and spaced repetitions.

2.  Providing users with the “Motivation” to apply what they learned to their every day job.

Having time to describe Gamivation to attendees, both academics and corporate professionals, they were all surprised at how we tie training and subscription learning to actual performance over an extended period of time, and how we provide measurement and big data visibility to our user groups.

We look forward to a cycle of continuous improvement for Gamivation through our active participation in ISPI.  To learn more about the impact of subscription learning on learning curves and outcomes, please watch this video: