Does your learning management system really work for you?

Apr 25

Does your learning management system really work for you?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is typically the way employees learn about products, services or new software systems today.

The LMS is where a company will lodge all its training material. Rather than have a live instructor explaining a given concept, such as “how does that new sound system in an automobile  work?” or “how do we use our new billing system”  the LMS offers online training and keeps track of how the employee performed with the online learning process.

The goal is online certification, showing that the employee can now explain the new automobile sound system to a customer or use the new billing system. On the surface, an LMS looks like the way to go for educating your workforce, but we believe it’s lacking in key areas:

  • The amount of content is typically overwhelming: one of Gamivation’s automotive clients described the total quantity of content they have in their LMS for sales people as the equivalent of 3 years of medical school training.
  • The subject matter experts who write the documentation that goes into the LMS are typically not focused on any specific area. They usually give equal weight to everything, making it difficult to know what’s really important and what’s not so important.

Some automotive companies actually tie the commissions of their salespeople to their active understanding and participation in the LMS, not to mention passing their certification tests.

Many think the process is over when the certification test is passed. At Gamivation, we know that’s really just the beginning. People tend to forget 80 % of what they learn if it isn’t reinforced within 30 days.

Gamivation programs have been successful in providing a new option to the traditional LMS approach by helping users’ process really complex material and keeping them focused on what they really need to know.  That means we analyze the supporting training documentation and then excerpt the information, breaking it down into smaller pieces (a process known as chunking), so it’s easier to understand for adult learners.

The most critical aspect of what Gamivation does differently when compared to an LMS is Sustainment Training.  LMS processes often measure short term memory with little or no follow up.  At Gamivation, we measure knowledge retention and who is actually putting the training to good use by tracking behavior changes throughout the learning curve. We do this by sending a series of trivia questions that are tied to sales or other activities and result in additional incentives and engagement.

Whether it’s training on a product launch or a new software system being implemented, our learning platform provides sustained and reinforced learning with incentives that helps you meet your business objectives and creates a better-informed work team.

If you’d like more information about how Gamivation can help you overcome learning obstacles, contact us here.