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Apr 25

Does your learning management system really work for you?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is typically the way employees learn about products, services or new software systems today. The LMS is where a company will lodge all its training material. Rather than have a live instructor explaining a given concept, such as “how does that new sound system in an automobile  work?” or “how

Apr 21

Knowing who to train – and what to train them on

You know training is crucial to any successful initiative, whether it’s a new product rollout, a corporate process change, new compliance requirements, or the implementation of a new technology, such as Salesforce. But do you know who and what to teach? McKinsey Consulting, one of the top management consulting firms in the world, sums it

Apr 20

Overcoming bumps in the Salesforce implementation road

At the outset of a Salesforce implementation, many companies mistakenly think the technical component is the only hurdle to clear. But an estimated “35% of CRM implementations faced serious user adoption errors”, and many non-technical factors can make the difference between a successful and a disappointing rollout. 1) Inadequate training A challenge of nearly any

Apr 17

Corporate Gamification Adoption – Why Gamify?

By this year, Gartner predicts that 40% of Global 1000 organizations will be using Gamification as the primary tools to transform their business operations. Why is gamification gaining so much traction in major companies? The Gallup Organization estimated in 2011 that 71% of American employees were either not engaged (52%) or actively disengaged (19%) in

Apr 16

Why Trivia Games are Sticky

Whether it’s a quick hit of the highly addictive mobile game Trivia Crack® or a targeted round of QuizUp®, more and more people are getting hooked on online trivia games. But such games aren’t just part of the latest passing fad. Trivia challenges — and their immediate response cycle — trigger a key physiological response.

Apr 16

Overcoming the “Forgetting Curve”

American companies spent more than $70B in training in 2013, but if companies are focusing on single-event training, a lot of that money may be going to waste. What is the culprit behind training inefficiencies? Cognitive scientists call it the “Forgetting Curve” – the brain’s natural tendency to only remember 70% of what it’s learned

Feb 14

SBD-Gamivation Study featured in Autoblog recently featured SBD-Gamivation’s white paper in a blog headlined, “Confused at the car dealership? Chances are, so’s your salesperson.” says dealerships and salespeople are hard-pressed to keep up with the onslaught of infotainment systems, which contain an average of 233 new features each and concludes that car buyers are confused.

Jan 19

Gamivation Named to ‘Most Promising Salesforce Solution Provider’ List

In the December 2014 issue of CIO Review, the publication’s editorial team evaluated hundreds technology companies in the Salesforce marketplace and selected their top “20 Most Promising Salesforce Solution Providers.” We’re proud to announce Gamivation is among those selected.

Nov 8

Thanks for Joining Our Gamivation Sales Training presentation at Dreamforce 2014!

We had a great time sharing our Gamivation Sales Training platform at Dreamforce 2014 last month. And, for those of you who were able to attend we hope you found it interesting and informative as well! On Monday, Oct. 13, 2014, representatives of Bang & Olufsen and Audi presented “Improving Sales Performance through Incentives and